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Lets face it. Custom photography is a huge investment. Is it worth it? That, my friend, is going to be totally your call! There is going to be a monumental difference in coming to my studio for your newborn session versus heading to the shop inside your local superstore, and make no mistake, that is 100% my intention!

 To start, you're welcome to set up a special time at the studio for a pre-consultation. This gives you the opportunity to check out my prop stash, and even pick out a few things you want to use in your newborn session. You can also view sample product, such as wall displays, custom cards, and albums. This is also a great time to get to know ME! I'd probably be a little leery of handing off the most precious thing in my life to a pint sized lady I've never met before too. No worries! So lets have a nice chat, and make sure you feel comfortable in the studio, and with me!

 Next up would be our actual session. You'd bring your little nugget in, then put your feet up, relax, and enjoy the show. Heck, take a nap. Don't worry, I'll wake you if baby gets hungry! My goal during each and every newborn session is to give you a gallery of photos that are swoon-worthy. Thats right. SWOON. WORTHY. Since each baby is different, this could take me an hour and a half, or it could take me three. The main thing to take away here is that YOU and YOUR BABY are important to me!!! I genuinely want to give you the best memories possible, and for you to love your photos! 

 After the session comes lots of computer time (and netflix) for me. I go through each image we took, and pull out the best images. Generally, this lands somewhere between 25-30 photos. Each photo is basic edited for superb overall color, clarity, and exposure. Then, each photo receives another pass through, this time in more detail. I even out baby skin tone (no more red or yellow!) and get rid of that pesky baby acne. Then I do some artistic work, making sure everything is working together to highlight baby as the focal point of each image.

 Fast forward a couple of weeks, and I'll have all of your photos ready to view! We will schedule a time for you to come back to the studio for your reveal and ordering session. Prepare to be amazed! 



When should you schedule your newborn session?

              Newborn sessions require a huge time commitment from me, both in studio during the session, and after during the editing process. I want to ensure I am able to provide each and every client that comes in to visit me with an exceptional experience. Because of that, I only book a select number of newborns each month, on a first come first serve basis. It is never too early to book your session to secure your spot!


When do you need to bring your baby in?

                Most newborn sessions are done during the first 5 to 10 days of life. At this age, babies are still content to be posed in those sweet womb like positions you see in my photos. I know it isn't an easy task to venture out with a brand new baby, but the results will be well worth it!